5 Fun Music Activities For Kids in The Sutherland Shire

By Liz Frias

Music helps children develop abstract thinking. It sparks their imagination and opens creative opportunities that spill onto other areas in the future. Here are 5 of the best creative music activities in the Sutherland Shire


1. Bluebell Music

Bluebell Music has music classes for children between 3 months and 5 years old. The classes concentrate on children developing their love of music through popular songs and music activities.  The aim is for children to learn important music concepts through listening, singing, playing percussion instruments, moving and improvisation. The Classes are 30-40 minutes in duration. They are held on Wednesdays at Miranda/Gymea Uniting Church Hall, 15-17 Central Road Miranda. Children are grouped according to their age group to maximize their learning and development. Read more

Bluebell Music


2. Do Re Mi Studios

Find out what it is like to be in a band recording your own songs. Do Re Mi Studios offers a program that focuses on teaching children songwriting and recording techniques. Classes are limited to groups of 5 children of similar age. First, as a band, the children learn to write a song. Once they finish writing their song, they record the song at Do Re Mi Studios. The program runs during the school holidays and is for children from the age of 6-16 years. It is a 5-day workshop (Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm). To be able to take part in the workshop, children need to be able to play a musical instrument at a basic level. All the teachers are experienced music writers and performers with a compulsory “Working with Children Check”. Read more


Do Re Mi Studios

3) Rhymetime

Rhymetime is held every Tuesday morning at Sutherland Library. It is a free program and no booking is needed. Children sing songs and learn rhymes. In addition, books are read aloud each week and puppets and props are used to keep children entertained. This is a wonderful program for children and parents to socialize and make new friends. Read more


4) 3 Bridges Community

3 Bridges Community offers a drum/percussion workshop during the school holidays. The program is limited to 10-20 students and the duration is 60 minutes. Children need to be at least 11 years old to participate. The program focuses on learning drumming techniques to play in a drum ensemble.  The goal is to develop teamwork skills, creativity, self-esteem and confidence. Read more

3 Bridges Community


5) Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory has a great program to introduce babies to music. The classes aim to help children’s development through a variety of sounds, music, dance and singing. In addition, the teachers use visual activities including fibre optic light shows, light balls, bubbles and bells to make it more fun for the age group. The classes are 60 minutes in duration and are a great way for parents to spend quality time with their child. Read more


Baby Sensory