Barista Haus

Serving Sensory Lab Coffee and cronuts this is a hidden neighbourhood gem that brings a little bit of inner-city style to Rockdale.

4/495 Princes Highway,, Rockdale, NSW
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Barista Haus in Rockdale is hidden in an arcade that links Rockdale Station to the Highway. It's a warm, bright beacon in an otherwise unimpressive location. The light and cheerful cafe, with it's bright yellow signage and tables invites you in, and whilst there are only a handful of seating options there is still plenty of room to take in a pram and the kids.

Barista Haus

Barista Haus

KIDsize Living Review

Barista Haus is becoming well known in the area for it's wonderful Sensory Lab coffee, and my favourite time to enjoy this lovely cafe is for a mid morning latte and a sweet treat - the cronuts are amazing! There's also plenty of options for the kids and our little guy always enjoys his babycino.

There's only a limited menu, but so far everything we've tried has been terrific - food consists of pre-made gourmet sandwiches and a range of sweet treats, including dainty cakes from Banksmeadow bakery, Brasserie Bread.

Barista Haus is a VERY welcome addition to the Rockdale cafe scene!

Pram access
Close to Rockdale train station and bus terminal
Location and Details
4/495 Princes Highway,, Rockdale, NSW
Mon-Fri: 6am-4pm
Sat: 8am-2pm
Sun: Closed
(02) 9599 8980