Emerging Man - A rite of passage camp for boys and their fathers

A rite of passage is a significant event that marks the transition from one stage of life to the next, it is a Hero’s Journey. Growing from Boy to Man is the most heroic journey a man will ever make. Helping your boy create his own best version of a Great Man.

Camp Coutts Scout camp, Waterfall, NSW

WHY DO WE NEED A RITE OF PASSAGE? At adolescence a boy goes through many physical, psychological and social changes. There are distinct differences between boy psychology and man psychology, but the shift from Boy to Man does not happen automatically.

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What's involved;

• A two night bush camp in bunk room accommodation

• A deep experience of self discovery for boys, aged 13 to 16, and their fathers or another suitable significant male companion.

• The program follows the tried and tested formula of a Rite of Passage:

1. Separation 2. Transformation 3. Reintegration

• A safe, judgement free and respectful space where the boys can share and hear stories from their peers and their elders.

• The boys will be encouraged to explore and express their unique gifts and talents

• They will be challenged to face their fears

• Encouragement to let go of boyish behaviours that will no longer serve the man they wish to become.

• The program is facilitated by a team of skilled and qualified youth counsellors, youth workers and mentors.

Rite of Passage Camp 

28 Oct 2016 - 30 Oct 2016
09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Age Group
13 , 14 , 15 , 16
$495 per pair (father and son)
Location and Details
Camp Coutts Scout camp, Waterfall, NSW
FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Nic Tovey: Nic.Tovey@3Bridges.org.au Cailtin Lalor: Caitlin.Lalor@3Bridges.org.au